Frontail install on Raspberry Pi

Frontail is basically a front-end for the Linux command „tail -f“. So it shows a logfile and updates it in real-time once new log-entries are written.

The following steps are neccessarry to get frontail to work on an „early-gen“ Raspberry Pi with ARM architecture. The frontail app is available via the NPM package-manager

  • After node.js is successfully installed, the NPM package-manager is needed.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install npm

  • Now the installation of frontail can be done via the NPM package-manager

    npm install frontail -g

  • After the installation, the application can be started with several different options, check the GitHub page for reference.

    sudo /opt/nodejs/bin/frontail /path/to/logfile.log

Frontail starts a local webserver on port 9001. So after the app is launched, the front-end can be accessed via http://<hostip>:9001